Does The NookColor Have An iPad Factor?

WE know NookColor is not a tablet. But will people CARE? Just like some people “know” the iPad “isn’t a computer.”Wed Oct 27 13:22:22 via web

@mikecane No, nobody cares that nook color is not a “tablet”.Wed Oct 27 14:15:15 via YoruFukurou

The NookColor will not allow people to use Kindle, Kobo, or Aldiko apps. To us here in the eBook world, that matters.

To NookColor buyers, it probably won’t: “I don’t need those, I can get books from Barnes & Noble.” And: “I don’t care if it’s not a ‘true’ tablet, I can still get apps from Barnes & Noble.”

Note that second reason was often used by iPad owners against Windows supporters!

Given how hard I expect Barnes & Noble to push xBooks (just see AliveTouch in the video below at about 2:50), some of those NookColor owners — with their exclusive Nookbooks — could wind up turning around and asking, “Can your iPad do that?”


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