The End Of The eInk Era?

I’ve proclaimed the death of eInk more than once, the first time here:

eInk eBook Readers: They’re All Dead, Jim!

And how eInk was detrimental to the future of books, here:

ALL eInk Devices: BAD For eBooks!

With the excitement I’m seeing over the NookColor, I’m wondering if all of that will now actually come true.

Human beings are fickle creatures. Someone with an eInk display sitting next to someone with a color screen is likely to have something funny happen in their head.

I quote from my previous post, E Is Also For Envy:

Before the night was through, this guy who had been very satisfied with his Aero began to feel like a pauper — because everyone else had color screens!

I was shocked by his turnaround in attitude. Suddenly the Aero was no longer good enough for him. Owning it seemed to be a reflection of his economic status. Even of his social status. Of his very manliness!

What I don’t understand is why anyone should be excited by the NookColor. Is it because it’s simply the New New Thing?

What about all those praises readers once had for eInk, about long battery life, less eyestrain, less weight, reading in direct sunlight, etc?

If Amazon shows a KindlePad, will eInk sales everywhere — even Kindle 3 sales — start to dry up?

You can have something better than a NookColor just by getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Archos 70 Internet Tablet, or the upcoming Cruz Tablet. Each would give you a Nook, a Kobo Reader, and an Amazon Kindle in one device!

I didn’t see anyone saying they’d drop their eInk device for any of those tablets!

Sometimes you lot just make my head spin like a top.

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2 responses to “The End Of The eInk Era?

  1. I have three devices. I love them equally. They are for different times and venues.

    eBookWise: snuggling up under my covers in the dark when it’s cold and I’ve got gloves on my hands so I can read.

    BlackBerry: I am no longer an angry line-stander and waiter-of-her-turner. Flip over to the books and start reading. Also good for church.

    Kindle: Everywhere else I might want to read.

    Seriously, I don’t think anybody’s going to be a one-gadget person. I thought the BlackBerry would make me a one-gadget gal and if anything, it’s the opposite. I read CONSTANTLY now because my library is ALWAYS on tap with one device or another.

  2. Zigwalski

    I am looking forward to color e ink. So we can have devices that look good but have better battery life. Done right, it would be a boom to laptops, cellphone, mp3 players, and tablets.

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