Sony Kills Words Move Me Site

More Sony PR FAIL today …

It was never a must go to site to begin with, but after announcing it with a bit of fanfare, Sony’s Words Move Me site now redirects to a Facebook signin page!

I don’t know when it went away. Sony communicates like the old (and unmissed) USSR: when it wants to and always poorly.

Yet they still link to it at their press site:

Click = big

By the way, the link to their own blog there is busted too. If I ran Sony, I’d be deducting a hefty fine from Steve Haber’s salary for such negligence. This is why Sony keeps losing: no attention to details.

(I still haven’t gotten a response from Sony to clarify this promotion. It ends tomorrow too. Way to go, Sony!)

Of course I can’t resist a kick to Sony’s shins. Look at how the developer of the Words Move Me site touts its success.

7 percentage points shift in positive sentiment

What does disappearing it do to those “sentiment points,” eh?

They can say what they like. It was a rotten site for anyone who actually read books.

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