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Why Was This Even Allowed?

Schwarzenegger bans welfare cards at psychics

See, this is why no one really likes our government.

Why was this kind of thing even allowed to begin with?

And if it was never intended to be allowed, why did it take the current crisis to notice it and fix it?

I don’t think anyone — except the cant-spouting ideologues who are divorced from reality anyway — is against assistance when it’s needed. But when you allow abuses such as this to continue instead of ending them ASAP, you spit on all the people who might need help in the future.


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Why You Must Vote Today

To prevent that being the future of all of us.

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One Thing I’m Damn Glad eBooks Can’t Do

Oh, the print fetishists just go on and on. They love:

– the smell of books
– the feel of books
– the look of books
– the weight of books

Blah blah blah.

Then they turn around and do this when no one is looking …

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Whoopi’s Blog Book

Well, it’s not that, but the ad damn well makes it indistinguishable from what I’d find on any blog.

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Persons Unknown: A Show No One Saw And You Shouldn’t Miss

I don’t think there has ever been a network TV failure as big as this.

This really has to set some sort of record for FAIL.

And the failure is that NBC never reached us — the target audience for Persons Unknown.

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The Wikipedia Question

The Publishing Partisans — Conservatives, Reformers, and Upstarts

A useful heuristic test to determine the politics of publishers today is to drop the Wikipedia question. Do you like it? Do you use it? The Wikipedia is to discussions of digital media what abortion is to the American electorate, the topic on which there can be no compromise.

Once again I’m reminded how I’m a one-man group by myself.

I thought I was in the Upstart category — but my attitude towards Wikipedia, for things that matter, is that of the U.S. during nuclear arms reduction talks with the old Soviets: Trust but verify.

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Another Max Gunther Book In E!

At the Kindle Store:

The Very, Very Rich and How They Got That Way

Update: I should have Sampled before posting. Like the other Gunther books at the Kindle Store, the formatting of this one is borked too. No paragraph indents, so everything becomes one huge block of text. I suggest downloading the Sample and then complaining to Amazon so they will pressure the publisher to fix this.

Books on Board lists it in ePub as coming December 10, 2010 — but for a whopping $14.23!

Update: I have no idea what the ePub formatting will be like. ePub doesn’t tend to have the missing paragraph indents problem near-epidemic with Kindle books.

Kobo, Borders, and Sony eBookstores are still FAIL here. No listings for any Max Gunther books at all. How long does it take to get this done?

Previously here:

You WANT These Books: They Nearly Made Me Buy A Kindle!


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What Every eBookstore Needs

Advanced Kindle Search

Go look and you’ll see why.

My only question is, Why doesn’t the Kindle Store itself offer this?

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