Another Max Gunther Book In E!

At the Kindle Store:

The Very, Very Rich and How They Got That Way

Update: I should have Sampled before posting. Like the other Gunther books at the Kindle Store, the formatting of this one is borked too. No paragraph indents, so everything becomes one huge block of text. I suggest downloading the Sample and then complaining to Amazon so they will pressure the publisher to fix this.

Books on Board lists it in ePub as coming December 10, 2010 — but for a whopping $14.23!

Update: I have no idea what the ePub formatting will be like. ePub doesn’t tend to have the missing paragraph indents problem near-epidemic with Kindle books.

Kobo, Borders, and Sony eBookstores are still FAIL here. No listings for any Max Gunther books at all. How long does it take to get this done?

Previously here:

You WANT These Books: They Nearly Made Me Buy A Kindle!


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2 responses to “Another Max Gunther Book In E!

  1. Had to use CSS on HTML file to make my paragraphs indent on Taos Soul book for Kindle. Something like this: p.left { text-align:left; text-indent: .25in; }. Works flawlessly.

    Any halfway HTML-literate Web jockey can do this. Indents will show up IMMEDIATELY in sample, just need to republish if wrong. Have no idea why publishers don’t give a damn.

    I will note that my first attempt relied on Amazon defaults, following Joshua Tallent’s book. Amazon preview showed huge indents, actual sample had 1 mm. indent, bah.

    • mikecane

      Yeah, I had to use a CSS in my Kindle book experiments too. It’s the only damn way to ensure they happen. But it’s inexcusable for any publisher — who probably used a service bureau anyway — to have bad formatting.

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