Anonymous Picks Wrong Target

Anonymous DDoS Takes Down The United States Copyright Office

This is bullshit.

Here’s the Comment I left there (where I have Commented before on other matters aligned with their interests):

No, I can’t get behind this. The Copyright Office are friends of creators. They can’t be blamed for the crap Congress shoved down their throats in order to give Mickey Mouse eternal property status. Just earlier this year the Copyright Office made several rulings favorable to device owners. Go back after the MPAA and RIAA sites and their lawyer stooges if you must, but not the CO. Know who the enemies really are.

Anonymous should be ashamed. Marybeth Peters knows her stuff and the Copyright Office takes intellectual property matters seriously.

See: God Bless Marybeth Peters Of The Copyright Office! and Rulemaking on Exemptions from Prohibition on Circumvention of Technological Measures that Control Access to Copyrighted Works.

If Congress had not been the craven bitches of the Walt Disney Company (whose major stockholder today is Steve Jobs!), we wouldn’t have had the perversion of Copyright that we currently have.

As far as I’m concerned — and I’ve said this more than once — Mickey Mouse should be in the public domain, period.

I am entirely in favor of creators being recompensed. Creators are not your enemy. Those who enslave creators are.

I repeat: Anonymous picked the wrong target and should be ashamed.

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