Borders Redesigns Its Website

Unfortunately, I didn’t do a screensnap of the original home page (which was still up as late as last night, when I visited), so I have to do a Before and After based on a book listing screensnap I do have.


Click = big


Click = big

It’s brighter and lighter and more sensible than before. The information about an eBook is right there, without having to use tabs.

And they’ve added something delicious:

Click = big

Yes! It’s now possible to sort by date!

And the home page now looks like its crossed over into a year that begins with 2, instead of being stuck in the last century:

Click = big

Not every page is there yet. I bumped into one from the old design and the change was jarring.

But this is a great start for Borders. If they keep at it, they can really steal away business from the Sony Reader Store and assure their survival into the eBook world.

Now, Borders, pay attention to the ideal eBookstore too! No one else will, so you can kick them all good.

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