In Praise Of Hard Case Crime

Can Hard Case Crime solve the mystery of digital era publishing?

So when someone like Hard Case Crime comes along, it’s a cause for celebration. This publisher seems to be doing everything right. It has those gorgeous covers. It has a smart logo (“smart” in the sense that it looks good and also in that it explains exactly what the brand is about). It has a really strong sense of direction and quality, backed up by a good roster of authors. Established greats (like Stephen King, Donald E Westlake, George Axelrod) sit alongside intriguing unknowns (like Jack Clark, a Chicago cabby who sold his first 500 books to passengers in his car) and the books are all dressed in the same knowing, arch, beautiful clothing. They almost give off an aura.

I am soooo glad to see this article.

He was introduced to Hard Case Crime and got it immediately.

This is the kind of thing Harlequin could have had too, but they screwed it up royally.

It’s too bad there’s no way to revive The Do-Not Press in e.

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