Will There Be A Flood Of iPad Fanzines?

This is impressive:

It’s too bad the Adobe suite of tools costs so much.

Seriously, what I’m seeing there is just made for people to do fanzines with for the iPad.

It makes me wonder how many temps will get all their files together on their home Macs and then use the software available at work to create a zine. Don’t laugh — it happened in the DTP days of the 1980s!

I don’t think Adobe would be amenable to hugely cutting the price of their tools, so we’ll probably see the Baker software refined and used for fanzines for the iPad.

My god, had all this been around in the 1970s when I did zines, the things I could have produced would have been breathtaking.

Attention lawyers: Put away those C&D orders. Fanzines are your employer’s free promotional friends. Ask the damn Marketing Department.


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11 responses to “Will There Be A Flood Of iPad Fanzines?

  1. Vendors like Adobe and Woodwing are clearly going after corporate markets as they’re able to charge them thousands of dollars. They’re more interested in the bottom line as opposed to the helping the little guy publish his zine.

    BUT.. there are vendors out there who offer the ability to publish iPads apps… at an affordable price.

    Hell, that’s the only reason that I’m able to go to market with my once print turned iPad magazine.

    They’re out there if you’re willing to put in the work to find them!

    • mikecane

      I think we’ll see someone address the “budget’ market. It happened in the desktop publishing days too. And there are many more startup companies these days than back then.

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  3. Yacko

    Are we talking free or pay? If free, then why? Good and innovative web design + RSS Feed = real time fanzine. I think text is being atomized just as surely as music has been. What was once an album is now individual songs, and what was once a publication is now a clutch of articles savored separately.

    • mikecane

      Blogs are free and zines often had a price on them just to satisfy whatever outlets would carry them. Otherwise, like a blog that carries no ads, zines were a labor of passion, not profit.

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  5. One could package an HTML5 site as a downloadable web app and let users save that to their iPads for offline reading, thereby cutting Apple out of the editorial loop entirely. Of course, that also removes the ability to charge for it, if that matters.

    Does anyone know if there’s already something like Baker that’s web app friendly?

    • mikecane

      There are a lot of security concerns with the proposed HTML5 spec, not that this matters when it comes to fanzines, but it should still be noted. Google Editions will allegedly cache web-based eBooks but with added encryption/DRM. These are still early days, but there are a lot of startups out there and someone is bound to make this market their target.

  6. I’m working on a web-based solution, but running into normal problems using the cache.manifest. It’s the 5m limit apple has implemented. I would rather it was saved as a webarchive. Regardless, here is the prototype (works on most desktops, too)


    • mikecane

      The URL you posted 404ed, so I shortened it so people can at least see the posts about its progress to get some idea of what you’re up to.

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