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Google Books’ Robo-Block

Click = big

I have seen this more than ten times using Google Books.

And every time I have been logged into my Google Account which I’ve had for several years and also use for YouTube.

Tonight I got locked out simply paging through search results!

I’ve filled out their damned “I am not a bot” form before and never gotten any response. I’ve still been locked out anywhere from 24 to 48 hours!

And if that form had done any damn good, I never would have seen that message again!

All of you waiting for Google Editions, this is a taste of the disaster to come.



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eBook Priced Too High To Buy? Tell Everyone!

Lost Book Sales

Every day an author and a publisher lose out on a sale of book. This is a site for readers to tell the world about the lost sale whether it is because of price, territorial restrictions or general availability.


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She Should Be Fired And Starve To Death

Copyright Infringement and Me

… the web is considered “public domain” and you should be happy we just didn’t “lift” your whole article and put someone else’s name on it!

Related post: Copyright follies


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Social Networks: You Need To Read This Now!

The Real Life Social Network v2

It’s a 224-slide presentation about social networks and it’s the first intelligent presentation about them that I’ve come across.

It also highlighted a current flaw I didn’t realize Twitter has. As in the presentation, I tend to group some of my Followers together for shared interests. But for me to address these people all at once with a tweet, I must waste many of the 140 characters adding their IDs one after the other. This sometimes means I wind up sending more than one tweet to address a group of people. Twitter should allow me to Group people. I could then use one Group ID and Twitter can explode that tweet out to the individual IDs and dispatch them.

Go read the presentation. It’s excellent!

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