The Ninja Assassin KindlePad Cometh

That Amazon Android Tablet May be a Reality

I’ve said it for bloody months on Twitter. The trouble is, Amazon is a very opaque company and gauging their timing is a near-impossible thing to do.

But let me just repeat the Comment I left at the above post:

ALL hardware gets cheaper. The value comes from the SOFTWARE locked to it.

I’ve said a KindlePad has been coming for months and months. Only NOW do people think it’s coming?

You can expect two things:

1) VERY limited supplies
2) BLEED-OUT prices for it on eBay (worse than last year’s Nook frenzy)

Amazon doesn’t have to have enough on hand to sell to EVERYONE IMMEDIATELY. Just enough on hand to stab to death NookColor sales.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

And that boldfaced part is all you need to know about how Amazon operates.

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