Nano Fondle: Sony Reader Daily Touch

As detailed in the prior post, Best Buy upgraded its eBook section, moved it to another area and also enlarged it.

The Sony display has been upgraded with working models of the Sony Reader Daily Touch and Pocket Touch.

Since I’ve already fondled the new Pocket and Touch, I went straight to the heart of the new Daily: its fully-functioning (but WiFi-only) web browser.

Here’s this blog:

And here’s this post:

Using the web with a touchscreen eInk device is a weird trip. Don’t expect it to be like using an iPad — but it’s not exactly horribly bad with the Sony’s speed and responsive touchscreen.

The two things that impressed the hell out of me about the Daily Touch:

1) It’s freakin weightless! Whereas picking up the Cruz Tablet created a “Whoa! This thing is heavy!!” reaction, picking up the Touch garnered, “Is this thing hollow inside?!!?”

2) How much text can fit on that screen! Look!

From this book:

I put the opening page with the same type size on both the Daily:

And the Pocket:

The last line on the Pocket is where the security band splits the screen on the Daily! In effect, for every page the Pocket displays, the Daily displays just about two!

I wasn’t able to go with a full-blast workout on the Daily’s web browser because that damn security band kept getting in the way. But I was impressed with the little I could do.

It’s an absolute tragedy the Pocket Touch doesn’t have at least WiFi and that web browser in it. What is wrong with Sony that they didn’t do that? Its pocketability combined with just WiFi would have resulted in a multiple of whatever sales they have of the current model.


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