Albert Robida

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I’m very late to learning about Albert Robida. See this wikipedia link.

The iPod foreseen in the 1800s!

Here, I’m just going to thank Laura Fulton for her post that introduced me to Robida and provide some links to his work.

Albert Robida and visions of the future

Videoconferencing in 1883-1892: Albert Robida’s Téléphonoscope

Albert Robida, The Twentieth Century (Wesleyan University Press, 2004) & Jules Verne, Paris in The Twentieth Century (Ballantine Books, 1996)


Yester-year by Albert Robida

The End of Books (La Fin Des Livres) [1894]

Internet Archive (PDF, ePub, Kindle):

“Yester-year”; ten centuries of toilette from the French of A. Robida (1892)

La grande mascarade parisienne. Texte et dessins par A. Robida ([1881?-84?])

La Fin des Livres

Contes pour les bibliophiles (1895)

Les vieilles villes d’Espagne, notes et souvenirs (1880)

La Vieille France, texte, dessins et lithographies: La Touraine (1900)

Le 19e siècle (1888)

Les vieilles villes des Flandres (1900)

Mesdames nos aieules : dix siecles d’elegances (1800)

Un caricaturiste prophète. La guerre telle qu’elle est (1916)

1430; ([1906])

Paris de siècle en siècle; le coeur de Paris, splendeurs et souvenirs ([1896])

Three good giants whose famous deeds are recorded in the ancient chronicles of Francois Rebelais; ([c1887])

French sites (with some great PDF links in them):


Albert Robida

Albert Robida : auteur et illustrateur de génie
Téléchargements – Downloads

Le Téléphonoscope

Albert Robida: voyageur du temps et de l’espace

And some links courtesy of Laura:

The End of Books web version (English)

The End of Books two-column web version (English)

Albert Robida (1848-1926), visionnaire du XXe siècle (French)


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3 responses to “Albert Robida

  1. Glad you found something interesting.

    This is a nice collection of links, and it’s actually quite useful to have them in one place.

  2. Pingback: The Twentieth Century and the lesson about Google Books | The well-prepared mind

  3. tomek

    some years ago I have seen in Lithuenia the 1st edition of La vightieme siecle. It is interesting what would be the price today…!!

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