Bookeen Orizon eBook Reader: Impressive!

It doesn’t have an eInk Pearl screen (it’s SiPix, not as good as eInk), but in some ways it outdoes the latest-generation Sony Reader! Not only does it have a touchscreen, it also has an accelerometer and many more type sizes and styles than Sony. Plus — and this really floored me — iPhone-like Pinch In/Pinch Out for decreasing/increasing type size! That’s what Sony should have put in the new Reader!

The video has no sound. If it takes too long to load, right-click to go watch on YouTube (where videos always load faster). It’s worth watching all of this.

A shorter demo video with sound after the break.

I watched that and immediately thought: This is what the next Kobo Reader should be. But at a price far less than $249 — and with eInk Pearl!


Bookeen Orizon Store listings
Cybook Orizon news, here you go!


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4 responses to “Bookeen Orizon eBook Reader: Impressive!

  1. laura

    Nice touchscreen, but it still seems far too slow to be usable. I find it very frustrating to use a touchscreen if the response time is too long.

    I was also disappointed to see Jules Verne on the screensaver in the video. It’s French! Why the heck didn’t they put Robida?

    • mikecane

      It’s a SiPix screen, not eInk, so there’s bound to be *some* delay due to refresh. Just as there is a delay when scrolling a website via touch on the Daily Touch.

    • Hi, Jules Verne, because i’m french and i’m the author of this video, and because bookeen is also a french company ;-)

  2. jotas

    Very interesting. Bookshelf and ePub show a nice and useful look, and some features that nobody has. I like a lot the 12 font sizes (I would put even more) and their touch control, too.

    Better screen :-(( and ePub hyphenation :-( support would convert it, no doubt, to a new reader for me to buy and test.

    Mmmm… no news about FB2 support? Included? Same features and options as in ePub?

    About Sipix screen, the “mistery” and confusion continues… as today, I think “new” readers are really not shipping with any new Sipix screen evolution or “generation”, but old ones, since most others are delaying production to 2011 (using Sipix), so, maybe, these will be really the new ones and close to actual Vizplex for contrast ratio and background.

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