Harriman House Responds

I contacted them once, via their Contact form at their website. That seemed to go unnoticed.

So yesterday I got mad and emailed everyone whose email address was available on the Harriman House website.

I got this reply:

Dear Mr Cane

Thank you for your detailed feedback on the formatting issues in the Gunther eBook. We are working on updating the formatting and styling of a number of our books at present and will be resupplying them to Amazon shortly to rectify the issues you have experienced.

Kind regards


Myles Hunt
Managing Director
Harriman House Ltd

I am so happy to get this. I will be even happier if it all comes to pass so I can recommend the excellent Max Gunther books as eBooks!

Previously here:

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2 responses to “Harriman House Responds

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  2. Keishon

    Good job. You are a man of influence, as usual. Looking up Max Gunther because I’ve never heard of him and if you liked him, I really need to look him up.

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