Nathan Hull Versus Nathan Hull

PDF press release link: Penguin Appoints Leading Talent from Music Industry to be Digital Publisher

Let that sink in for a moment.

The music industry did everything it could to sabotage the move to digital. Even today, Universal Music still squawks about how digital is a tool of the Devil. If Universal Music could get away with it, they’d make Steve Jobs and the entire Internet disappear.

So for a book publisher to turn to music for help — this is a true WTF! Moment.

And for someone who allegedly knows something about digital, this Nathan Hull guy has a near-invisible footprint online.

The most that can be found about him is this: Monetizing Content in a Social World, Part 1

Note this:

There was general agreement that the digital or new media teams are doing themselves a disservice by continuing to confuse the business with technical jargon and trying to convince the organization that “social” is completely different than anything the organization has ever done doing. While social is a different beast in many ways, the general consensus was: it’s time media companies evolve our thinking to include “social” as yet another distribution channel — and become more rigorous about how, why and where we’ll monetize content in that channel versus others.

So social really isn’t different from anything else? Seriously?

Maybe Penguin really wanted to hire an entirely different Nathan Hull. The one who did this video:

Then again, this is Penguin. I suspect it’s the home of the Anonymous Coward quoted here.

If we ever see a lame Why Books Matter campaign, we’ll know who is behind it.

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