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No Justice, No Mercy

OUTRAGE: Morgan Stanley banker escapes felony charges for hit and run ‘because it could jeopardize his job’

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The Kno

This is a very odd beast. But it now catches my attention due to the awful testing experience I had this past weekend with an iPod Touch, Google Books PDF, and iBooks software.

Although I’ll rerun that test when the iPad has iOS 4.2, I’m still looking for suitable tablet-like hardware that can handle massive Google Books PDFs with aplomb. Could this do it?

The Kno specs page.

And a testimonial demo video:


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eBooks Are Hygienic!

How filthy nasty print germ-carrying print needs to be read: http://postmodernista.tumblr.com/post/824097096/are2-hunter-freemanSat Jul 17 16:04:43 via Echofon

I’ve told people again and again that paper is disease-ridden and that eBooks are hygienically superior. And they laughed.

Who’s laughing now?

What’s seething on all those paper books in new and used bookstores, just waiting for contact transfer to your hand?

(Although the PubliTweet bookmarklet could grab my tweet’s code, it failed on the second, hence the screensnap fall-back.)


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