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The Latest Amazon Controversy. Puhleeze!

It’s this book listing:

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I can’t believe grown adults can’t see this as possibly being a law enforcement honeypot.

Do you know how many frikkin pedo porn sites have been?

And even if it isn’t a honeypot, you can bet Amazon has been served with a warrant by the FBI to disgorge the accounts of those who have purchased the book.




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Wally And The Beav And eBook Sales

This post is a partial update to Wake-Up Call 25,739 To Print Publishing.

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Print Publishing: You’re NOT OPEC!

E-books and the Agency Argument

A statement from Amazon UK discussing its US experience says “when prices went up on agency-priced books, sales immediately shifted away from agency publishers and towards the rest of our store”. If there’s any truth in this it can’t be good for publishing.

I don’t know why I criticize the stupid Agency Model.

As a writer, I should love it. I should wish it eternal life.

Because the price-gouging they’re engaging in makes people try new writers who price cheaper.

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