Wally And The Beav And eBook Sales

This post is a partial update to Wake-Up Call 25,739 To Print Publishing.

In that post, I had this chart:

eBooks: Actual Reported Sales, in $Millions

It covered up to August’s sales. September’s sales have now come in and we add $39.9M to that last figure, for this:

eBooks: Actual Reported Sales, in $Millions

Nate the Great points out Ebook sales remain flat in September.

That may be so, but even if they remain the same in October, November, and December, that’d be an additional $117M, for a year-end total of $419.9M. Even if December sales go through the roof post-Christmas, I’m not sure we’ll close out a half-billion for the year.

But it’s getting there.

Cue the kids:

I would have also updated the print chart, but eBookNewser didn’t update their spreadsheet from their prior post and I’m just not up to recreating the math they did for the trade sales figure. Just the raw figures aren’t good:

The Adult Hardcover category was down 40.4 percent in September with sales of $180.3 million, and sales for the year-to-date down by 8.1 percent. Adult Paperback sales decreased 15.8 percent for the month ($111.5 million) but increased by 1.5 percent for the year so far. Adult Mass Market sales decreased 23.6 percent for September with sales totaling $67.8 million; sales were down by 15.7 percent year to date.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me to pour salt in their wounds.


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