In Search Of … Rubicon’s Will Travers Building

In episode two of the now-canceled AMC-TV series Rubicon, Will Travers is followed home:

But it’s in episode 3 that we see the entire front of the building:

Thanks to a Comment from Benny Rietveld giving me the exact address, I have photos of the building that served as the exterior of Will’s apartment.

All photos were taken today (the irony!) and have been resampled and rescaled to VGA. Click to make larger.

I will cycle through various views without comment until I need to point out something:

Looking from the front of Will Travers’ apartment building towards the opposite corner:

And moving closer … and yes!

There’s the spot where his tail stood:

Various views:

Standing at that spot, looking toward’s Will’s building. A good spy spot!

Overall view of the area:

And this is at:

I didn’t think to go to the opposite side of the block to see what should have been Andy’s building. Ah, well.

I also didn’t see any of the locations that led up to Will walking to his apartment. I have good reason to suspect many of those were actually shot in Brooklyn. Look at this, from episode 3:

That Surf Bar sign in the background I think belongs to Brooklyn. I’ve borrowed this photo from this blog post.

It’s the same sign and door — in Brooklyn!

Rubicon didn’t keep us on our toes only in terms of storylines, it mixed things up with strange disparate location shooting too!

I have one more Rubicon location post to do today: changes at the API Building.

Then I plan to do a tribute post.

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