Android Crap Tablet Flood Begins

TL;DR version: The Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Archos 70, and Archos 101 are probably the only ones worth buying. Outside of the iPad, that is.

I finally got to fondle a working Cruz Tablet. Here it is showing the mobile version of Techmeme:

It was not a pleasant experience at all. I thought the screen was poor and touch experience was poor. This is in addition to it being bulky and having brick-like weight.

Best Buy also had in the Huawei Ideos 7 tablet:

It has its Android buttons on the left. And although they look as if they’re capacitive, they are actually buttons with click feedback.

I was surprised at how small the Huawei seemed compared to both the Cruz Tablet and the Archos 7 Home Tablet.

Huawei: 8.875″ x 4.25″ x 0?.?” – 1.1 lbs (17.6 oz)
Archos: 8.0” x 4.2” x 0.5” – 13.7 oz
Cruz: 7.5″x 4.75″x 0.6″ – ??.?? oz

But as the dimensions above point out, that was an illusion. I think the stretched landscape design does that.

I was not at all impressed with it. The touchscreen was difficult to use. I didn’t find out until today that’s it’s resistive, not capacitive. It’s soft touch resistive, but still, not worth having.

Best Buy is selling this in one section, the Dell Streak in another area, and the Cruz Tablet in yet another area. And they’ve printed a guide to tablets that includes only the Huawei and the two versions of Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint white, Verizon black).

That’s going to confuse the hell out of people.

Apparently, the only tablets that qualify for being in the new Tablet Area are the Huawei and the two Galaxy Tab models:

There are going to be a ton of crap generic Android tablets for sale, such as this one from Sylvania.

Just stay the hell away from them. They’re all sucker bait.

Stick to looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the two Archos, if you have any desire for a non-iPad tablet at all.

I’m beginning to think these will all ultimately be FAIL. Apple has established a market for the iPad, not one for tablets. @fakebaldur pointed out:

I don’t totally agree, having had a 4″ screen (the Toshiba GENIO Pocket PC), but I can’t see what these tablets would do for someone that their 4″ Android phone couldn’t.

In my own case, I still want an Archos 70 mainly for video playback, plus eBooks via Aldiko and other apps. I have a specific need and use case. But the general public? Most people will buy these and stop using them within a month or two, I think.

None of them are the iPad. And people will find that out quickly.


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5 responses to “Android Crap Tablet Flood Begins

  1. Shock Me

    All I really need is the ability to play video rented on computer wirelessly to my iPad and Apple TV.

  2. Laughing_Boy48

    Let those Droid-heads get whatever they darn well please. They don’t like Steve Jobs and they love Flash, so crap-tablets it is. I just feel sorry for those poor consumers that are going to be told that their crap-tablet is just as good, if not better than the iPad and the consumer will be just throwing away some hard-earned cash. I know for certain that any consumer going to buy a tablet at Best Buy that isn’t an iPad is going to be totally confused about all the myriad makes and user interfaces. Then there will be the consumer’s that go shopping totally by how low the cost is. I’m afraid they’ll just end up getting what they paid for. Low price equals low quality.

    • mikecane

      Yep, as soon as the reviews started appearing for the first crap Android tablet — the Gentouch — I knew they would cause nothing but pain for people who don’t know better. Not only will these things be extremely frustrating to use, the crap hardware guarantees they’ll die within a year too.

  3. David colman

    Had 3 archos tablets from hmv and had take them all back none worked screen blacked out or icon were frozen.we then got one from maplin and are now takeing it back icons frozen just crap .a lot of people are going to be diapointed at christmas.

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