Napoleon Hill At Internet Archive

Lay off. He fascinates me. I’ve read his biography. Have you?

Anyway, some rare goodies there and the usual suspects (and some are rather suspect; did pirates infiltrate the Archive?):

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons (1928)

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill about the Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie

And these I thought were pay-for only. If they’re pirated, it’s up to the Internet Archive to break these links:

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Think and Grow Rich: The 21st-Century Updated Edition

Law of Success: 21st Century Edition


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3 responses to “Napoleon Hill At Internet Archive

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  2. Hi Mike.

    Great post and great links. I am a huge Napoleon Hill fan, too.

    You mentioned Napoleon Hill’s biography. I didn’t know he has written one. Can you help me out please and tell me, if there is an official biography or an autobiography existing.

    I have read the stuff on and google brings lots of inofficial bios.



    • mikecane

      A Lifetime of Riches: The Biography of Napoleon Hill – Michael J. Ritt & Kirk Landers. Out of print. You have to track down a used copy.

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