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QR Codes Hit The Street

This really is a significant move for QR Codes.

They’re turning up in NYC street fliers and stickers!

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Apple’s Latest Round Of iPad Street Ads

Apple ads are now as pervasive as cigarette ads used to be in the 1960s.

Click through to see the latest pimpery.

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Android Crap Tablet Flood Begins

TL;DR version: The Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Archos 70, and Archos 101 are probably the only ones worth buying. Outside of the iPad, that is.

I finally got to fondle a working Cruz Tablet. Here it is showing the mobile version of Techmeme:

It was not a pleasant experience at all. I thought the screen was poor and touch experience was poor. This is in addition to it being bulky and having brick-like weight.

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Rubicon: The Day After


This was mainly a test of the new tweet embed feature WordPress has announced.

Still, AMC-TV should wake up!

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