The Digital Rain Is Falling

“Some day a real rain will come …”

And now this …

TV is over. (Is TV over?)

Bottom line: If the media companies that make television shows were to embrace the internet with both arms, it would (ultimately) mean the death of their partners in the cable television industry. Because if you can watch the same program online for free, why would you pay? In order to build a new business model, in other words, we would have to kill off the old business model.

The film business faces the same problem with their partners in the movie theater industry. If films were simultaneously released in the theater, on DVD, on Demand, and on the internet (as some argue they should be) the movie theater industry would, quite possibly, collapse overnight.


Big Numbers for Bestsellers Show E-Books Are Here to Stay

What’s really astonishing is how much e-books now account for total sales of top commercial titles. Legal thriller writer John Grisham’s newest bestseller, The Confession, sold 160,000 hardcover copies in its opening week on sale, according to Nielsen Bookscan, which accounts for approximately 75% of total book sales. At first that appears to be way down from the 223,000 Bookscan-reported copies sold of Grisham’s previous thriller, The Associate. But consider: The Confession also sold 70,000 copies in digital formats, as The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week.

The numbers jump out because Grisham’s work wasn’t even available in e-book formats until earlier this year. Now they account for about 30% of total sales for his newest books. Last summer it surprised many, myself included, when a bestseller like Laura Lippman’s suspense thriller I’d Know You Anywhere sold more e-books than hardcovers in its first week.

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  1. Yee-haw! Now all I have to do is write better ebooks, so people will buy them! :-)

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