I Repeat: She Should Starve To Death

Cooks Source publisher admits mistake, describes struggles with copyright issue

Despite the advertising, Griggs said the publication is not lucrative and she cannot afford to pay writers. In many cases, businesses submit material in exchange for free ads. In addition to writing some articles herself, Griggs said she produces, edits and distributes the publication in tandem with her adult daughter, and they travel about 2,000 miles around New England each month.

“It’s a very hard job,” she said. “I can’t find anybody to work for me, and that’s a problem.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Look at this psychopath! She’s actually expecting some sympathy!

You can’t get anyone to work for you because you don’t like to pay people!

You didn’t make a “mistake.” You were a serial crook who finally got caught — and then had the nerve to shit on the victim!

I hope the next press I read about you is your obituary.

Drop dead!

And for all of you weasels who think I’m being harsh — how do you know what kind of difference even a $50 check could have made in some writer’s life? She is no victim. She is a crook.

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She Should Be Fired And Starve To Death

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