A Punishment Of Biblical Proportions Is Coming

Philadelphia officials clear 19,400 fugitives

This is the only bit that matters:

You’re never going to find these people. And if you do, are you going to prosecute them? The answer is no.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Basically he’s saying that he and all the rest of the court and law enforcement machinery refuse to do the jobs they have.

And you wonder why corruption is everywhere? Why you’re cheated right, left, center, up, down, top, and bottom?

Yet these bastards will dare get up on their hinds legs and victimize those who lost their jobs and are out of work.

They will self-righteously preach about morality and other bullshit.

While they are the welfared bastards, collecting a paycheck for no work while employed!

Remember that.

They should get zero mercy.

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