The Desperate Mood Swings Of John Sargent

I praised him here — Macmillan CEO John Sargent: He’s Correct! — for saying:

We — a lot us — publish the first one of the author’s series, or the second one or the third one — we give it away free, to promote the new book. “Read this: You’re gonna get hooked on it and you’re gonna go buy the new book — it’s fantastic.”

If we all do that on, let’s call it our five top authors on the list, very shortly there is going to be, for anyone who wants it, available five years of great thriller reading available at the [garbled] from top-of-the-line New York Times best-sellers, for absolutely free.

They’re not gonna ever have to buy one because there’s an almost infinite supply. Because the publisher next to you is gonna put out another one free and another one out free.

And for clearly seeing:

There’s gonna come a point in time where I give it away for free and my sales don’t go up and then there’s gonna be a point in time when I give it away for free and I ain’t selling shit anymore.

Boldfaced emphasis in original speech inflection.

So after all that, how the hell does he of Macmillan explain this Amazon Kindle listing today?

Gee, maybe he and Carolyn Reidy should get together and compare notes on that whole “uphold the value of our content” thing?

I usually look at only two things in free Kindle book listings: Title and Writer. So I don’t know how many Macmillan books — or Simon & Schuster books — have been given away for free on Amazon.

That said, I have well over two hundred legally free — given away by publishers and writers free — Kindle books. And I don’t even own a Kindle, just the Kindle for PC software!

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