Another eBook Convert

Eh, deride and dismiss me as a Moonie. eBooks will inherit the earth no matter what you think.

Like it or not, the book is dead

Here comes the awful truth: I miss my cherished books about as much as I miss the warped Beatles LPs I left in my mother’s basement.

The smugness of The Wad out there is actually bitterly amusing to me.

Ask someone whose home has been destroyed by fire, flood, hurricane, or twister if they managed their life afterwards without traumatic pangs over losing their paper books.

Some of you are in for a shock down the road. You will lose your job, come to the point of losing your apartment, put your stuff in storage, wind up not having the money to pay for that storage, and you will lose everything. This has been the reality for millions of Americans.

So you better break that stupid attachment you have to artifacts.

Because it’s going to broken for you anyway.

As George Will points out in Newsweek, three years ago, Facebook had 50 million users, mostly under 24. Today, it has half a billion users, almost half of whom are over 35. It took 2½ years to sell three million iPods, two years to sell three million Kindles, and 80 days to sell three million iPads. It takes 30 seconds to download Moby Dick, and it costs $2.49.

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