The Travel Nazis Known As TSA Can Go To Hell

TSA to investigate body scan resister

Michael J. Aguilar, chief of the TSA office in San Diego, called a news conference at the airport Monday afternoon to announce the probe. He said the investigation could lead to prosecution and civil penalties of up to $11,000.

TSA agents had told Tyner on Saturday that he could be fined up to $10,000.

“That’s the old fine,” Aguilar said. “It has been increased.”


TSA chief John Pistole was grilled about Tyner’s case Monday on CNN.

“The bottom line is, if somebody doesn’t go through proper security screening, they’re not going to go on the flight,” Pistole said.

And he didn’t go on the flight! Now suddenly not taking a trip is somehow illegal too?

Look at these morons:

According to Aguilar, Tyner is under investigation for leaving the security area without permission. That’s prohibited, among other reasons, to prevent potential terrorists from entering security, gaining information, and leaving.

What absolute bullshit. What information? What “secrets” did Tyner’s videotape reveal other than the TSA are a bunch of American Nazis? And don’t show me Godwin’s Law. Calling them Nazis applies. They are violating fundamental human rights and using the Nazi excuse of “It’s our job. We’re only following orders.” That excuse was rejected at the Nuremberg Trials and we still hanged Nazis who invoked it.

The Travel Nazi told Tyner:

By buying your ticket you gave up a lot of rights.

I guess that could have been used as an excuse to haul Jews off to the gas chamber too? One of Hitler’s real Nazis could’ve used the excuse:

By staying in Germany once Hitler came to power, you as a Jew gave up a lot of rights.

Every single TSA employee should be fired. The TSA should be dismantled. This is a total disgrace and not what America is supposed to be.

Our veterans crushed the Nazis so I could see my country become this in my lifetime?

Hell no!


We Won’t Fly site

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