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Kobo Beats Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony To eBook Gifting

One of the ongoing major complaints people have about all eBookstores is the inability to buy someone an eBook as a gift.

How hard can it be? Anyone should be able to buy a book and click a button that says This Is A Gift and then fill out the details of who gets it and when. The recipient can download it anytime.

Now Kobo Books, which never seems to sleep, looks like it will beat everyone else to the eBook gifting game.

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More About The Bookeen Orizon

Bookeen/ Cybook Orizon : test complet – original French

Bookeen / Cybook Orizon: complete test — Google English

The translation is wobbly but it seems the biggest minuses are the SiPix screen (lower contrast than eInk Pearl), a cheap sleeve, and the weight when combined with the sleeve or a better case.

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Twitter Jail Still Exists

I haven’t been in it for a while, but today I went on a real tear about the TSA in Twitter. And I eventually couldn’t tweet anymore. I kept getting this:

Sorry! We did something wrong. Try sending your tweet again in a minute.

Well that’s just an outright lie!

Because I then tried to tweet a link via Bookmarklet and it revealed the truth with this message back from Twitter:

Wow, that’s a lot of Twittering! You have reached your limit of tweets for the hour. Try again later.

So Twitter still stinks if you’ve engaged in a high-velocity exchange with other people or go off on a rant.

Hey, Twitter! People can UnFollow or report people who they think are spammers!

Stop being the TSA. Don’t touch my junk!

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