Kobo Beats Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony To eBook Gifting

One of the ongoing major complaints people have about all eBookstores is the inability to buy someone an eBook as a gift.

How hard can it be? Anyone should be able to buy a book and click a button that says This Is A Gift and then fill out the details of who gets it and when. The recipient can download it anytime.

Now Kobo Books, which never seems to sleep, looks like it will beat everyone else to the eBook gifting game.

I got a press email that outlined several holiday ideas Kobo Books has in store. They can be seen at the Kobo Gift Guide.

One of them is this:

Click = big

Close-up of the text:

What’s particularly great about this is that Kobo’s eBooks are ePub using “classic” Adobe DRM. So you can buy nearly anyone — except Kindle owners — an eBook as a gift. The ePub can be read on a Sony Reader, a Barnes & Noble Nook, a Kobo Reader, and other devices.

Also, you can give someone who has an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Palm Pre, or Android 1.6-and-above device an eBook gift and they can read it using the free Kobo software.

If you want someone to choose their own books, Kobo will also offer eGift Cards that can be purchased online.

Well done, Kobo, for beating everyone else!



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6 responses to “Kobo Beats Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony To eBook Gifting

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  4. Hanna Conrod

    Hi……….. I’m thinking about buying the kobo but i accidentaly ordered the sony touch srs-6000 through arimiles (which has no returns once order has been submited) and i have someone willing to buy my touch from me when it arrives but im not sure if i should go with kobo or sony. i’ve been doing my research but i’d love some other opinons!

    thanks!… alot! right now i’m leaning towards kobo cause’ i absoultley LOVE it but i reallly like the touch feature… any thoughts?

    thanks again,
    hanna <3

    • mikecane

      The Sony has more contrast in its screen, a more powerful CPU, touch interface, and easier/faster interface. Its only drawback is having to cable sync with a computer to get books onto it. If you’ve already ordered it, enjoy it. It’s a very good device.

  5. Hanna Conrod

    oh and i also never knew about the gifting fingers crossed it’ll be out before x-mas.. another great ideea from kobo <3

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