More About The Bookeen Orizon

Bookeen/ Cybook Orizon : test complet – original French

Bookeen / Cybook Orizon: complete test — Google English

The translation is wobbly but it seems the biggest minuses are the SiPix screen (lower contrast than eInk Pearl), a cheap sleeve, and the weight when combined with the sleeve or a better case.

Size comparison:

Having fallen in love with the Sony Pocket Touch, this size now seems large to me, but I think some people will like it.

And look at this:

Twelve type sizes! Why doesn’t every eBook device offer that? There should be as many sizes as possible so people can choose what they want, not what some company thinks people want.

I also wanted to link to this review because I lust for these screen savers:

I’d also want Balzac, Baudelaire, and Nerval.

I checked YouTube. No new videos have appeared yet.

It’s also unknown if this will ever be on sale in America. Nate at The Digital Reader will most likely be following that end of things.

Previously here:

Bookeen Orizon eBook Reader: Impressive!


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2 responses to “More About The Bookeen Orizon

  1. Hi Mike,
    thanks for this article. The Cybook Orizon is available directly from our online store, we’ll send it to the US (or anywhere in the world) with pleasure.
    Bookeen Team

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