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Writer Mitzi Szereto Is Onto Something

Bad sex please, we’re British: Can fictive sex ever have artistic merit?

Szereto thinks the best kind of sex writing needs to explore the “psychology of desire”. In an age in which sex has been divested of most of its mystery (hard-core pornography is a website away and Mills & Boon has invested in a “raunchy” series), it may be that the “psychology of desire” is the only unknown territory to explore.

What’s always more exciting? The days leading up to Christmas or Christmas Day? Desire keeps you on edge, excited. Fulfillment? No. It quickly dissolves to Been There, Done That, Next!


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Attention Amazon, Kobo, Borders, Sony

Previously here:

The Ideal eBookstore

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Webcomic: Kill All Monsters #1

Kill All Monsters #1

The artwork is by Jason Copland. I’ve been Following him on Twitter for well over a year, I think. He has a blog here and it’s been very interesting to see him play with styles and also create some of the panels for this webcomic. He’s very talented and I think he’ll eventually be one of those Big Names. Go Bookmark the comic.

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A Reminder So No One Gifts Me

I do not take freebies.

This includes whatever you might consider a damn “gift.”

Don’t Do It.


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Amazon Beats Kobo To eBook Gifting

For the First Time, Give the Gift of Kindle Books (No Kindle Required)
Kindle Store the first major bookstore to offer eBook gifting

Which only begs the question: If you could it within 48 hours of Kobo announcing, why the hell couldn’t you do it before?

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Twitter’s New People Button

I noticed this on my own this morning:

Click = big

TechCrunch has the lowdown: Twitter Testing A New “People” Tab: All Your Social Graph Steroids In One Place

The button is inactive for me right now.

TechCrunch didn’t notice that Twitter has apparently shrunk the width of New Twitter, as the above two menubars show!

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