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Malcolm Holcombe

How does this barely coherent guy manage to knock it out of the park?

But isn’t that the way it is. The best artists are troubled. They can’t show up on time. All they can do is this. Lay down their story in song.

Corporations hate these people. They want performers who will show up in the early a.m. for “Today”, who won’t cuss and get drunk at inopportune moments.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Solidarity For eBouquin

This post is a sticky for the next few days.

One of the leading French eBook sites, eBouquin, has been under concerted cyberattack. The attacker finally succeeded in destroying most of the site’s content and archives.

Google English: eBouquin in small bytes, come support us!

Tuesday morning, eBouquin.fr suffered an attack that caused extensive damage at the site. Our database of articles has been partially cleared and almost two years to have vanished in moments. To top it all, our primary backup is corrupted, previous data have already been contaminated by previous attacks. Today, only about twenty articles have been recovered thanks to our RSS feed, the rest is in pieces. We’ll have to pick up the pieces.

For several weeks, eBouquin.fr encountered turbulence and was the subject of several acts of malevolence. We somehow managed to right the ship. Not this time.

Lack of resources, time and money, we had to postpone the time for repairs, planned for the end of the year no longer suffer such discomfort. We could then begin 2011 on a new footing. Unfortunately, our projects are now in jeopardy.

Created in February 2009, the portal eBouquin is the current reading digital newspaper, more than 2,400 articles written, 5,000 comments posted, 2000 tags associated 13 categories, over 400 fans, 1600, and a newsletter to followers unexpected success. It is also and above all a team of volunteers and enthusiasts that provides an outstanding job to support us in our daily work saver.

Over the months, you were more likely to visit us daily: more than 3000 unique visitors per day and 130,000 page views per month, eBouquin reached an audience than we could imagine during his launch.

But today eBouquin needs your support. Your support to give us the courage to continue to support this project. For the first time since its inception, eBouquin resolved to establish a platform for donations in the hope that the money raised will allow us to pick ourselves up and find someone to help us over time to maintain the site on foot.

Team eBouquin

To all of you over the years who wanted to find some way to “thank” me for what you’ve gotten out of my blogs, here’s your chance. My PayPal account is near zero with no chance of it being replenished any time soon. Over at the eBouquin site (link above), there is a PayPal donation button (Faire un don). Go donate!

And to the person or persons who attacked eBouquin: You are the lowest scum of the earth. We do these things out of passion, not for profit. If you want to exercise your skills for some damned good, go after the crooked bankers and traders who are motivated by nothing but profit — and dishonest profit at that!

I hope eBouquin will be up and running again for the benefit of all.

Update: It is unfortunate that there is no backup of the site at the Internet Archive. I know some sites prevent this. I hope eBouquin and other sites will make arrangements to permit such duplication. It would have helped greatly in their rebuilding effort. To every site out there: arrange for an Internet Archive backup!

Update 2: If the PayPal link is too daunting in French, the email address for donations is cfmonjou@gmail.com

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