Malcolm Holcombe

How does this barely coherent guy manage to knock it out of the park?

But isn’t that the way it is. The best artists are troubled. They can’t show up on time. All they can do is this. Lay down their story in song.

Corporations hate these people. They want performers who will show up in the early a.m. for “Today”, who won’t cuss and get drunk at inopportune moments.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Apostrophes Videos Online


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3 responses to “Them

  1. Wow. That clip just blew me away.

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  3. I am so this.

    But because I have children and an income that’s dependent on me being a professional business-type-woman and I don’t have gazillions, every day is a struggle not to give in to my difficultness.

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