Was Dagny Taggart Right To Shoot After All?

There is a shocking scene in Atlas Shrugged. Dagny Taggart commits murder.

I’ve always had problems with that. But with report after report of TSA staff going about their jobs unthinkingly, like automatons, I begin to wonder.

Just look at this video:

That is just indefensible.

Applicable Atlas Shrugged excerpt after the break.

Some quality in the tone of her voice made him whirl back to her: she was holding a gun pointed levelly at his heart.

“Listen carefully,” she said. “Either you let me in or I shoot you.
You may try to shoot me first, if you can. You have that choice — and no other. Now decide.”

His mouth fell open and the key dropped from his hand.

“Get out of my way,” she said.

He shook his head frantically, pressing his back against the door.

“Oh Christ, ma’am!” he gulped in the whine of a desperate plea. “I can’t shoot at you, seeing as you come from Mr. Thompson! And I can’t let you in against the word of Dr. Ferris! What am I to do? I’m only a little fellow! I’m only obeying orders! It’s not up to me!”

“It’s your life.” she said.

“If you let me ask the chief, he’ll tell me, he’ll –”

“I won’t let you ask anyone.”

“But how do I know that you really have an order from Mr. Thompson?”

“You don’t. Maybe I haven’t. Maybe I’m acting on my own — and you’ll be punished for obeying me. Maybe I have — and you’ll be thrown in jail for disobeying. Maybe Dr. Ferris and Mr. Thompson agree about this. Maybe they don’t — and you have to defy one or the other. These are the things you have to decide. There is no one to ask, no one to call, no one to tell you. You will have to decide them yourself.”

“But I can’t decide! Why me?”

“Because it’s your body that’s barring my way.”

“But I can’t decide! I’m not supposed to decide!”

“I’ll count to three,” she said. “Then I’ll shoot.”

“Wait! Wait! I haven’t said yes or no!” he cried, cringing tighter against the door, as if immobility of mind and body were his best protection, “One –” she counted; she could see his eyes staring at her in terror — “Two– ” she could see that the gun held less terror for him than the alternative she offered — “Three.”

Calmly and impersonally, she, who would have hesitated to fire at an animal, pulled the trigger and fired straight at the heart of a man who had wanted to exist without the responsibility of consciousness.

Bolfaced emphasis added by me — because all of that applies to the Travel Nazi goons of the TSA!

Resign, you bastards. Resign, go home, and kill yourselves.

You are not Americans. You are not even any longer human.



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4 responses to “Was Dagny Taggart Right To Shoot After All?

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  2. John

    You fail to mention the small fact that the armed guard in Atlas Shrugged was a direct and immediate accomplice to an innocent man being tortured to death.

    • mikecane

      She did not have to shoot to kill. Look at how long the damn talking goes on! She was not in split-second danger. I think by that point in the story Rand had worked herself into such a frenzy that she *wanted* to kill someone.

      • I would agree with you, except that Rand worked up that frenzy a lot earlier when she killed all the passengers in a train tunnel disaster because they weren’t good objectivists. Come to think of it, she (via her fantasy-master Galt) damn near killed the whole population of the country in this novel, and did it without a trace of pain, fear, or guilt. But of course they all had it coming, the sniveling, mindless moochers.

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