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National Suicide — Or Murder?

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What Country Is This Again?
December 7, 2010: Kill The Banks Day In France

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HowTo: Borrow New York Public Library eBooks For iOS

All you need is in this official post from the NYPL itself: eNYPL for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

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HowTo: Sony Reader Screensavers

With its sixteen shades of gray and higher-contrast eInk Pearl display, photos look great on the new models of Sony Reader.

I thought I’d put together, mainly for my own reference needs, a post about creating such screensavers.

The information I’m quoting comes from the experts at this Mobileread forum, where there are also additional links to available screensavers.

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Coming For iOS/Android: Sony Reader Software

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Sony Reader Store mobile apps

Well, finally! Ever since Sony openly declared they were working on this months ago, we’ve all been wondering if it would actually materialize.

It will be very interesting to see what this does to Sony Reader sales! Will Reader Store eBook sales offset that income loss? And will people even want this in light of Bluefire Reader now available for iOS?

No one is tied to the Sony Reader Store for eBooks any longer. People can now purchase Big 6 books from Kobo/Borders too.

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A Writer Who Formats Himself Has A Fool For A Client

Self-Publishing? READ!

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