HowTo: Sony Reader Screensavers

With its sixteen shades of gray and higher-contrast eInk Pearl display, photos look great on the new models of Sony Reader.

I thought I’d put together, mainly for my own reference needs, a post about creating such screensavers.

The information I’m quoting comes from the experts at this Mobileread forum, where there are also additional links to available screensavers.

To put images in a Sony Reader:

You can drop your image files in the folder:
Database > Media > Images

If you are you using the Reader Library software:
1) you can drop them on the Library icon and then sync/transfer OR
2) you can drop them on your device icon.

To select an existing image as a screensaver:

1) From the Applications screen, select the “Pictures” application by clicking on the title of the app.
2) When the app opens, press the “Options” button.
3) Select “Select Standby Screen”
4) Select each picture you want to rotate through as the standby screen (check mark means it is selected).
5) MOST IMPORTANT: Select “Done” button when finished. This will save your changes.

I also suggest removing the banner that appears at the top of the screen to prevent burn-in.

To remove the Off banner:

Settings > System Management > Standby Screen

There are two options for the Standby Screen settings:
1) “Show picture” is what displays the pictures in sleep mode rather than a blank screen. Keep this one set to on.
2) “Show message” is what displays the wakeup message. Select off to make it go away.

What I like about the screensaver idea is customizing it by displaying a picture of the writer you’re reading. Here’s a Pocket Touch with writer Jo Nesbo as its screensaver:

Click = big

I found that via Google Image search, gave that person the link, and BAM! There it is.

A tip for using Google Image search for best results: In the left panel, select Larger Than …

… and choose 800×600.

This will give large images that don’t have to be magnified by the Reader. See this example from searching for Balzac:

Click = big

It’s best to then use a photo editing program to crop, resize to 600 across and 800 down for the Pocket and Touch (or 600 across and 1,024 down for the Daily), and even resample to sixteen shades of gray. That will make the files smaller and easier for the Reader to deal with.

Since these photos are for your personal use on your own device, there should be no Copyright concerns. It falls under Fair Use.

Aside from the steps specific to Sony Readers for displaying an image, the search and editing steps can also be used for the Amazon Kindle, Kobo Reader, and Barnes & Noble Nook, all of which also have 600×800 screens.



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7 responses to “HowTo: Sony Reader Screensavers

  1. Keishon

    Most excellent tutorial. Thanks.

  2. Tori

    THANK YOU! I searched all over to find out how to change my sleep mode pictures and you were the first one out of many that helped me figure it out and what a bonus to take the words off! Thank you again!

  3. stuart

    hi, just to say thank you for showing me how to transfare images on to my sony reader

  4. JRL

    Thank you for a clear and concise description to assist me in personalizing my e-reader.

  5. Suliman

    Great advice. I was suffering to find out how to change the photos, and make them appear on the screen saver. Shame on SONY. Good Job.

  6. You can also find some high quality images for your e-reader at They are ready to download and use – greyscaled and cropped!

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