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Today’s Reminder From Real Life

Taken around 10AM in Manhattan today.

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The Beatles Evict iPad From An Ad

On November 11th, this was Apple’s ad here:

Today it was this:

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Nano Fondle: Barnes & Noble NookColor

Picking up the NookColor today elicited these reactions from me:

1) Wow, this thing is thin!
2) Wow, this is well-built!
3) Wow, that’s a hell of a screen!
4) Wow, it’s only $249?

But is it worth buying?

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NookColor Type Crime

Ugh. Book designers will rip out their hair looking at the NookColor.

Click = big

Italics scream off the page, as if the sizes have been mixed up.

Click = big

It’s a Dan Brown book. Who knows? Maybe that was in his contract, given the way he, um, writes.

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Google Books PDF Smackdown: NookColor Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad

NOTE (May 14, 2011): This is just about the most popular post here. People are very interested in this topic. Go look at this post too and the backlinks at the bottom of it for more on the subject.

NOTE (May 18, 2011): Google Books PDF On HTC Flyer


Google Books is a special interest of mine. Primarily because there’s a lot of them I want to read. And I’m not exaggerating: I have about 2,000 PDFs of them downloaded (so far).

So tablet hardware has to be able to handle these PDFs to be of any real use to me.

Today I got to test Google Books PDFs on a NookColor, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and an Apple iPad running iOS 4.2.1.

Which one could handle the job?

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