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Why We Read

Reminiscing About the Stacks of Books

But by far, the biggest reason I bought lots of books was because I figured a single idea could be worth a lot to me over the run of my life. I’ve gotten $1,000 ideas from a single chapter of a book. I’ve stayed out of bad investments that would’ve lost me lots of money by virtue of reading a couple books. There’s books I’ve read now – like Getting Things Done and The Wealthiest Man in Babylon – that I can see clearly how I’d be much better off if I’d read a few years earlier. 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, too, that one’s amazing. Everyone should read all of those three.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I haven’t read Getting Things Done but I have read the other two and I recommend them too.



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Christmas 2010 eBook Buying Guide

This post has been updated. Read the latest version instead: UPDATED: Christmas 2010 eBook Buying Guide

Recommended, in order of best value:

1) Apple iPad: Via available free apps, it can be any eBook device now: a Kindle, a Barnes & Noble Nook, a Kobo Reader, a Sony Reader; plus there’s Apple’s own iBookstore (which I do not recommend due to lock-in DRM). Plus it can do Google Books PDFs right out of the box. And with Bluefire Reader it can now do public library eBook loans too. Due to size and weight, this is more of an at-home device.

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Kobo Reader WiFi Now $129 At Borders

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Filming Near The API Building

I got a bit excited this morning as I was approaching what I will always think of as the API Building.

There was filming happening!

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