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The Government Steps Into Illegitimacy

TSA Administrative Directive: Opt-Outters To Be Considered “Domestic Extremists”

According to Mr. Hagmann, he was contacted by a source within the DHS who provided an alarming memo detailing a new administrative directive agreed upon by DHS chief Janet Napolitano and the head of TSA John Pistole. The memo, according to Doug Hagmann, “officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as ‘domestic extremists’.

Boldface emphasis added by me.

If this is true, the government has just made itself illegitimate as a ruling body. It has become what the original Redcoats were: a force of tyranny, injustice, and brutality.

I join then with another person who’d be branded such:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

— Thomas Jefferson

May God damn you all if that memo is true.

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Google Needs To Define “Carefully”

Google puts this self-serving spam in all of its Google Books files (which also has the side-effect of giving cover views the same damned cover for every book):

Click = big

So how do they explain this?

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THIS Is What A Handout Looks Like

Musto could lose lucrative pension if convicted

That’s thanks to a law enacted almost 10 years ago that hiked legislative pension checks by 50 percent. Most retirees also receive free health benefits for life and health coverage for their spouses.

And for what? For “public service”?!!? What public service?! They bend over for their contributors, take gifts, bribes, and other graft, bleat about “the undeserving poor” — and then wind up milking us like a cow!

If anyone is undeserving, it’s these bastards!

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Amazon Looks For Egress Seekers

I haven’t paid any attention to this at all, so I defer to the experts:

That Amazon Studios Screenplay Contest: Heavenly Or Hellish? Scribes Weigh In…

Go on, sucker. Jump on that egress.

Act in haste, burn in rights Hell.

And don’t expect the WGA to come rescue your ass, either.

There’s a reason all these companies are after virgin meat.

Because they can rob you blind.

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The Possession

OSCAR: Noomi Rapace Q&A

On her role as Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium Trilogy movies:

DEADLINE: Are you the kind of actor who can leave the set and forget about it?
RAPACE: No, never. That’s quite difficult for me. She stayed in me like non–stop for the whole time. The last scene was quite strange. All the producers came in with champagne as they wanted to celebrate, and I had to go to the bathroom because I started to throw up.

Beautiful. The kind of reaction Lisbeth herself would have had.

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iOS Hacked Onto Cheap Tablet: Painful!

UPDATE: I should have waited for word from some experts. They say it is fake. I thought it was just crap hardware that made the difference.

This was just uploaded onto YouTube a few hours ago. It will make you love your iOS device all the more.

The slowness of that is just painful to witness.


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NookColor Handling Office Files

This video shows NookColor handling PDFs, as a follow-up to my post: Google Books PDF Smackdown: NookColor Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. iPad

Yeah, that’s how I experienced regular — non-Google Books — PDFs that people had downloaded onto the NookColor. Speedy little bugger with the PDFs.

Some people say the NookColor will be hacked and its ROM overwritten from another Android tablet. If so, that would dispose of its pretty UI and replace it with generic Android UI, more or less (the NookColor lacks the standard Android hardware buttons). If that happens, it’d be a tablet to buy. It could then be a Sony Reader, a Kobo Reader, a Kindle, as well as a Nook all via Android apps. Plus, the regular Adobe Reader for Android could be installed — which, according to Comments on the other post, can do Google Books PDFs.

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High-Definition Doesn’t Solve Everything

Someone asked for a list of the books in the now-canceled (damn you to hell) AMC-TV series, Rubicon.

That’s a post I’ll get to sometime in the future.

I thought having access to over 25,000 (!!!) HDTV screensnaps from Rubicon would make this process easier than using the non-HDTV screensnaps I create on my own.

Sad to say, this is not so.

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The Beatles Evict More iPad Ads

On November 12, 2010 in Chinatown:

Yesterday, November 25, 2010:

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Freedom Tower, NYC, Thanksgiving 2010

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The taper of it is beginning to show now.

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