NYC December 1, 2010 Storm Wind

Oh, it was not a good day to have to go to Manhattan.

This is what it looked like on the Staten Island side (all photos resized and resampled to VGA; click to make big):

On the Manhattan side, at Whitehall Terminal, it was grim, with gusts between 60-70 mph sustained.

See the swinging traffic lights:

These kids thought they were going somewhere:

When the wind hit, the teacher aborted their field trip:

Some of these photos are blurry simply because it was hard to hold the damn camera with the wind!

Look at these two shots:

The rain is hitting that and going up the wall!

Look at this guy’s pants being blown:

This guy thought he could do it:

Nope! He turned back to the Terminal!

This guy was going from post to post, holding on for his life, at one point screaming, “Help me, Jesus!”

A stack of newspapers lost its plastic covering and became print tumbleweeds:

Some of the slanting rain can be seen here:

The wind was so great, it went through the ground floor of the Terminal and kept the front doors blown open. If this had been a blizzard like this, the Terminal would have had to close due to snow inside!

And those traffic lights? They began like this:

And wound up like this:

I stood there for about two hours, waiting for my chance to go. It never happened. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it got worse — over and over. I aborted my trip and turned back.

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