Reference: How To Root A NookColor

NookColor Rooting

NookColor USB ADB


NookColor Install missing google geolocate library

NookColor UnRooting

NookColor Format and partition your SD card back to a usable state

This might not do you any good if you use Windows and need DD for the trick. Unfortunately, I have Windows. And DD tripped me up years ago when I wanted to put PalmOS on a CF card for my LifeDrive. Grrrr….

It annoys me that Mac and Linux users have it relatively easy. It used to be the other way around. (Not that I’m a Windows fan!)

Update: NookColor Enable App install from on-device installers

Update 2: NookColor has screensnap capability built in! From a Mobileread post:

Here is one of my favorites. To capture a screenshot, press the Home “n” button and the minus “-” Volume button at the same time. A camera icon will appear in the lower left corner status bar indicating a Notification that says “Screenshot captured”. Click on the notification and it will launch the image in the gallery. A copy of the image is saved to your Library in the folder /media/Screenshots in png format.

Tip: it just needs a quick simultaneous press so don’t hold the volume button for too long or it can affect the image.

UPDATE 3, December 8, 2010: Nook Color Froyo Hack Is Mind-Blowing–Literally

An unmodified Nook Color will shut down if it believes that the battery is getting too hot. If you install Froyo, the Nook recognizes it, but it’ll shut down immediately. To get around this, Jesse disabled Android’s batteryservice, the software component that monitors the Nook Color’s battery temperature. This means that the Nook Color’s battery could overheat (thus damaging the unit), or worse — explode — as a result as this mod.

To be clear, that’s for Froyo, the latest version of Android, which is not the same as rooting the version of Android already on the NookColor. But I wanted to add this update just in case.

UPDATE 4, December 16, 2010: Now there is Auto-Nooter.

UPDATE 5, December 17, 2010: To turn off automatic OS updates from Barnes & Noble, there are shell commands that can be executed.

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