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Now The Oligarchy Uses Threats

There is a wonderful line in the movie Action in the North Atlantic:

We’ll hunt you down and cut you like a piece of cheese!

Really, where do you crooks think you can flee?

No one likes you. Not even Dubai would put up with you.

You have nowhere to run.



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Doom Just Keeps Rolling Along

I could see the shape of it all on January 1, 2008: And Now A Word About Our Future…

And here we keep going:

Welcome to real-life Survivor:

Now imagine supermarkets like that. They will be.

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A Geek Of 1909


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Aw, Google Hypocrites Were Embarrassed

Really, the nerve of this post headline shocks me: Being bad to your customers is bad for business

I guess I must agitate for New York Times-level coverage of this — Google’s Naked Face Of Evil — before anything is changed.

Let me add one additional point here: Every single one of you sucks up more bandwidth and megabytes from Google’s YouTube in a single day than I have been in my use of Google Books. If Google pulled the kind of crap with YouTube that it has been doing with Google Books, the outrage over missing out on the trivia there would be deafening and worldwide. But for such behavior towards something important and vital like books? Excuses are flung around.

Hey, Google, what about your Google Books customers?

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