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No, This Is Not Mike Cane

So I tried it.

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This Is Not Your Father’s Lone Ranger

This is how it always happens.

The corrupt seize power through attrition. They take advantage of the fact most people just want to get on with their lives. The corrupt infiltrate like a cancer and suddenly they’re everywhere.

And because they know they’re corrupt, because they know no one is on their side, because they know they can’t get away with their shit indefinitely, they slap down anyone who dares speak out. Not stand up to them — just speak out.

And one day they do that to someone who won’t be pushed around.

This is an old, old, old story. It’s like a strand of DNA in human history that constantly comes around again and needs to unwind itself to restore health to the human body of society.

Jesus was tempted with everything possible. He rejected it.

Gandhi was alienated despite his credentials. And rejected his standing.

Mandela spent decades in prison. And won.

And it looks more and more like this every day…

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More Trouble Than You Think!

Previously here:

I Side With Wikileaks

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Rooted NookColor Videos

These are very interesting.

Notice how smooth and responsive the screen is.

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UPDATED: Christmas 2010 eBook Buying Guide

Based on what I’m seeing in search terms that lead to this blog, I’m making this post a sticky until December 24th.

This has also been updated a third time, to put the two Viewsonic tablets in the Absolutely Avoid category.

Fourth and final update, for the two Archos tablets.

Recommended, in order of best value:

1) Apple iPad: Via available free apps, it can be any eBook device now: a Kindle, a Barnes & Noble Nook, a Kobo Reader, a Sony Reader; plus there’s Apple’s own iBookstore (which I do not recommend due to lock-in DRM). Plus it can do Google Books PDFs right out of the box. And with Bluefire Reader it can now do public library eBook loans too. Due to size and weight, this is more of an at-home device.

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