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Rubicon: API Officially Out Of Business

I stopped by the API Building — headquarters for the now-canceled AMC-TV series, Rubicon — this morning. I was there last weekend and there were no changes, so I didn’t bother to take photos.

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It’s a good thing I had the camera with me this morning.

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Barnes & Noble: Drop Your Damn Mutant DRM!

As I said earlier, I stopped in Barnes & Noble again today and gave the NookColor a deep fondle. Really went through it.

I’m more impressed by it. And it’s exactly what Barnes & Noble said it is: a reading tablet. It’s a new category. And before you laugh, what do you think the upcoming KindlePad will be? An open Android tablet with Kindle as just an app? I don’t think so. So, Barnes & Noble got there first.

And let me update one post from earlier: NookColor Type Crime. The horrible type crime there had to have been the fault of that particular ePub. Because I didn’t see any evidence of that in any other books I looked at on the NookColor today. Type is really gorgeous on it.

If the damn kittens would let me, I’d buy one. And, of course, I’d root it too.

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Barnes & Noble Selling Obese Print Books

My god!!!

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That is three inches tall!

The Barnes & Noble I was at had a table full of these. They’re Barnes & Noble public domain classic collections. Like $20 per book. And you can buy a box of four of them!

I saw that after doing a deep fondle of the NookColor today. The inconsistency of strategy nearly made my head explode. Why is Barnes & Noble spending money on those?

At one time, such a book would have pleased me. But today? No. I don’t think anyone would ever read those. They’re a pain in the ass to lift and hold. There’s no point to such a book. Except as another example of American obesity overkill.


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