Google Editions Launches As Google eBookstore!/mikecane/status/5615231162130433

December 6th:

So they did it a day earlier than I suspected. They should have waited another 24 hours! They have a demo video marked DO NOT MAKE PUBLIC [it has since been fixed]. Customer Service page links do not work and are only accessible via HELP at the bottom of the page. They have fixed that link. And they all go to Google Books.

– You must have a Google Checkout account to buy
– You must have U.S. credit card
– Books are limited to U.S.-only
– Books cannot do text to speech
– There is no 1-800 number to speak to a human being
– There is no email address given for problem-solving
– Some books are PDF, some ePub (some probably both)
– Some books cannot be downloaded and are read-only in browser or app
– Google eBookstore app not yet available

The overall layout looks like a stripped-down Google Books.

More to follow as I investigate further.

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