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Controllers Or The Controlled?

Apple’s Steve Wozniak: ‘We’ve lost a lot of control’

All of a sudden, we’ve lost a lot of control. We can’t turn off our internet; we can’t turn off our smartphones; we can’t turn off our computers.

The point I think he misses is that technology is only revealing how much information we rely upon each day.

Prior to all this, we were restricted by time and distance and money.

The Internet has broken those chains.

I think that puts us in charge, not makes us slaves.

Ignorance enslaves. Access to information liberates.

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Web War One?

What seems to be going on here is control of the Internet.

Tomorrow and the next day and the days after will tell what it really means.

Anonymous has posted a YouTube video about Operation Payback:

After the break, for those who want to get the message faster than silent, scrolling text, are screensnaps of the message. YouTube can take down the video, but WordPress will have to also delete this post.

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Anonymous Booted From Twitter

When I tried to RT one tweet, I got this:

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And it was confirmed shortly thereafter:

And, by the way, I’d take the advice of Anonymous and go cancel that MasterCard if I was you.

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When Do You Stand And Fight?

So, in the late 1970s, I was involved, on the periphery, with Objectivists and Libertarians.

If you didn’t live in the early 1960s and then see the contrast with the 1970s, all of this is bound to go over your head, but I’ll persist — inadequately, I’m sure — anyway.

When Ayn Rand wrote about the open, sunshiney society, I knew what she meant. I saw that in the pre-Beatles 1960s. Then things got weird with the various revolutions. The overthrow of institutionalized racism (a good thing), protesting the war in Vietnam (also a good thing), drugs (not a good thing and shut up if you think so), sex (let me just ask you how you like having that herpes and chlamydia; nuff said then), and the ascendancy of youth (not a good thing; trust me for a while on that one).

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InfoWar Will Lose To Real War

UPDATE: The Twitter account below has been extinguished. I have replaced the live tweet insertion with a screensnap so it doesn’t disappear when Twitter gets around to deleting the string of tweets.

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I’ve been watching this play out on Twitter.

Don’t be fooled.

Anonymous can bring down their machines.

But the people running the machines have other people with warrants and guns on their side.

And there’s no DDoS in the world that can stop them.

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