When Do You Stand And Fight?

So, in the late 1970s, I was involved, on the periphery, with Objectivists and Libertarians.

If you didn’t live in the early 1960s and then see the contrast with the 1970s, all of this is bound to go over your head, but I’ll persist — inadequately, I’m sure — anyway.

When Ayn Rand wrote about the open, sunshiney society, I knew what she meant. I saw that in the pre-Beatles 1960s. Then things got weird with the various revolutions. The overthrow of institutionalized racism (a good thing), protesting the war in Vietnam (also a good thing), drugs (not a good thing and shut up if you think so), sex (let me just ask you how you like having that herpes and chlamydia; nuff said then), and the ascendancy of youth (not a good thing; trust me for a while on that one).

The 1970s were a very dark time, with an oil crisis, inflation, stagflation, a President named Nixon who was driven insane, crime like you would never believe, and a ripping apart of the invisible bonds of society, leading to a pernicious, progressive Me-ism that has run unabated to this current Oligarchic situation.

Anyway, in one of the Objectivist/Libertarian literature I collected then, there was an account of a young guy who defied the foreclosure of his home. He did so with a gun and great violence.

And it was futile.

The cops lobbed in some sort of grenade that led to a fire in his house, he refused — or maybe couldn’t — flee, and wound up burning down with the house.

Even at the time, I thought what he did was stupid.

He saw it as a matter of principle. He saw himself surrounded by a vast Collectivist Police State whose sole function was to wipe out Individualists such as himself.

Well, had he lived for three more years and saw how Reagan (ultimately a bad thing, but bear with me again) changed things so that — as an ideal — individual initiative was again rewarded, would he have been glad that he had stood down against the force arrayed against him?

And as for that Collectivist Police State he feared, what he faced then was nothing compared to what’s happening today.

So, class, the question becomes, When Do You Stand And Fight?

Do you do it when They come for You, as a measure of personal defiance? As that guy did?

Do you do it when Someone stands up, says Enough!, and starts a Movement? As Martin Luther King and Gandhi did?


The one thing that guy’s unfortunate death did, for me personally, was to put that question in my head.

And now I give that question to you.

Because an individual act of defiance is ultimately meaningless. It changes nothing.

And what we all want right now is change.

I want America back. Do you?

So: When?


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2 responses to “When Do You Stand And Fight?

  1. I want America back.

    Let us first define “America” and whose version of it we want back.

    There really isn’t an America to go back to and if there were, how far back would we go?

    What we have now, however, should not be tolerated, and quite frankly, I think there will be bloodshed, and it’ll start over taxes.

    Oh, wait. We did that already…

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