LibraryBIN: Buy An Overpriced eBook To Help A Public Library

I never heard of this service until it showed up in an email I got from the New York Public Library:

Click = big

Well, this excited me! A way to support the NYPL and buy eBooks. What’s not Win about that?

You’ll quickly see.

I go to LibraryBIN and get this pop-up in the middle:

Click = big

OK, that sounds good.

As it turns out, this is from OverDrive. So it’s using “classic” Adobe DRM and has the files OverDrive distributes to public libraries:

Click = big

So, of course, I head straight for Stieg Larsson and get punched in the face:

Click = big

Oh my god! EPIC FAIL! Those prices are at least double what they cost at regular eBookstores! People don’t even like paying that price differential as overdue fines and they expect them to do it with eBooks?

Let’s do some math:

Amazon Kindle:
Dragon: $5.20
Fire: $7.57
Nest: $9.99
TOTAL: $22.76

Dragon: $11.96
Fire: $12.76
Nest: $22.36
TOTAL: $47.08

$22.76 for all three versus $47.08 for all three. In fact, just buying Tattoo and Fire add up to $24.72 — more than all three books elsewhere!

As much as I love the New York Public Library, highway robbery is not a way to get support from me.

This is going nowhere.


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5 responses to “LibraryBIN: Buy An Overpriced eBook To Help A Public Library

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  2. I showed you this months ago. My alternate suggestion was that they let me buy the ebook for the library instead (the library would own it).

  3. Robin

    Dude. I’ve been railing against this for at least a year! I talked about it in the NYT. THIS is what LIBRARIES have to pay to stock ebooks. Talk about getting punched in the face! You’re only going to buy one copy. We’re going to buy (likely) more than one and we STILL don’t get a discount. #fail Indeed.

  4. Tim Shea

    You are correct, ebooks are overpriced, but as far as audiobooks it is cheeper than

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